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Have you ever had clutter somewhere in your house? Everyone does somewhere maybe in the garage, kids rooms, living or dining room, kitchen, bathroom or the love sweet the master bedroom. How do we get rid of it and have fun doing so with the kids or alone. Are you tired of telling your children to clean there room and keeping it clean? A good idea for boys 3-7 play a game call it the race track . Explain to them before they can run the race car vacuum in there room they need to first pick up the toys and objects off the floor so the race car does not get hurt while racing set a time and see how fast your little one can put there stuff away in the right place. The reward is with adult supervision they can race on the track with the vacuum. Afterward you can say the child’s name won the race and give each other a special clap. Instead of yelling it can be a fun to pick up the toys and clean.
Each time see if you two can clean a little quicker. With girls you can do the same exercise as above but change the story to a prince can’t get to the princess because the river is blocked the only way to get it unblocked is to pick up the room so he can lead his horse (aka the vacuum) across the river. Set the timer and again you can change the story each time and make clean up fun. Let the kids vacuum at the end and remember to reward. Now in to your kitchen pretend that you and your kids are chiefs but before you can cook a witch took off with a special book you really need. Go through each cabinet and see if the dates on the canned food if old throw out and have kids see if they can make shots in the trash can. If you have not used things in 6-8 months donate it. Get a big box for donating idea and put it in the room you are de-cluttering.

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Get a box for all cleaning material put in locked shelve. At the end of cleaning pick a book and said we saved the book from the witch. Husbands can get involved to if you need to clean up clutter in the garage have the kids help him. Get different canisters for different size nails, screws, bolts and odd ends have the children separate them and put labels on them. Don’t forget to praise the kids for the help they gave you. If you have reading material in the bathroom go through them at least once a month and throw away the old magazines and replace them with newest. Dining rooms are supposed to be used to sit down with family at meal times and social times. After eating have kids help clean off the table and wipe it down so it is ready for the next time you need it. The love sweet should be thought as a place to retreat away and relax, enjoy yourself and be able to rejuvenate. First get up every day and make your bed clean up around your bed and don’t leave it until it is ready to run the vacuum and allow your children to if they want to. When cleaning alone or older kids , turn up the tunes and set a timer 15 minutes on clean clutter and 15 minutes off. Remember make if fun for the kids and reward for good behavior and helping it will be fun for you too.

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